We launched “MEET & EAT” / “MEET & EAT”を正式公開しました


On December 5, 2017, we launched “MEET & EAT”, an online matching service to find local Japanese to have a dinner together. We had been testing the service for few month, (thank you cooperators!) and refined the service to launch “MEET & EAT”

[About MEET & EAT]

“Socialize with local Japanese over food and drinks”

MEET & EAT is a service for travelers (you and your company) and local Japanese (him/her and their company) to meet up, have a meal, and exchange cultures in a small maximum of 3 and 3 group.

Sit together, enjoy local meals and drinks while having great conversations just like friends!


We hope MEET & EAT will make lots of interactions between travelers and local Japanese.

2017年12月5日に訪日旅行者との交流サービス“MEET & EAT”を正式公開しました。数ヶ月に渡りテストを重ねておりましたが(テスト参加者の皆様、ありがとうございました)ついに正式版としてローンチすることが出来ました。

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