Notice about using MEET & EAT / MEET & EAT 注意事項


MEET & EAT is intended for group matching. We recommend to bring friends, etc., as much as possible but if you cannot, please be extra careful. Also, we prohibit using the service for dating, business, and solicitation objectives in our terms.

Please be careful to not cause troubles due to too many alcohols, etc.

Please meet each other at one of the MEET & EAT Partner Restaurants to avoid troubles. If you are going to anywhere except our Partner Restaurants, be careful not to take and go to somewhere not public without people’s eyes.

We suggest splitting the bill for food and drinks at the end. Ask each other and make sure you all agree when ordering food and drinks.

Hub Japan only checks profile information according to self-assessment. We do not assure any troubles occurred by using our services. Use our services at your own risk. Please pay full attention to enjoy the service safely. Also, please read through instructions and understand the service well before participating.

Please also read thoroughly MEET & EAT help page and terms.

MEET & EAT はグループマッチングを目的としております。可能な限りご友人などを誘っての参加を推奨しており、また、性的、営業、勧誘目的でのご利用は規約で禁止しております。


トラブル防止のため、MEET & EAT対象飲食店で交流ください。対象外のお店へ行かれる場合等は、往来の目が届かなくなる所へは行かない、連れて行かない等、十分にご注意ください。



その他の注意事項はMEET & EATヘルプページと利用規約をご確認ください。